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80124 Naples, Italy

P.IVA 94107000633

The NNYC is affiliated to the Italian Sailing Federation


The NNYC is a non-profit private organization constituted by military and civilian personnel of NATO Countries assigned to Allied Headquarters within the Naples area. It is supported by the Moral and Welfare Activities of Headquarters Allied Joint Force Command Naples and is affiliated to the Italian Sailing Federation (FIV).  

Principal purpose of NNYC is to encourage the sport of sailing through various recreational initiatives among members of the NATO community in Naples. For this purpose, the Club maintains on behalf of its members a flottilla of small boats and sailboats, facilitates the mooring of a limited number of privately owned sailboats, and organizes training activities and regattas. The club also participates in national and international sport events and conducts social functions consistent with its purpose and the wishes of its members.

Note: NNYC Constitution is under revision

New: Images of International Regatta - 12 Dec. 2015



The Spanish team, winner of the 2012 Regatta of Nations

Bosum, Optimist and Sailboard basic courses are organised in multiple languages during summer. The Club also organizes off'shore courses for sailboards and training on FIV 555 sailboat. Priority is given to prospective 12-17 year-old crew members who will participate in regional regattas in the Optimist and FIV 555 classes.

The Club organizes series of regattas for Bosum and Optimist dinghies. It also participates in the regional off'shore regattas organized by the Italian Sailing Federation.


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